Pros and cons of wearing a body shaper suit


Shapewear has made a lot of progress since the suffocating, tight corsets of the Victorian era. We no longer need whale bones to constrict our waists; instead, we can shape our bodies into exact proportions using beautiful, breathable materials.

Understandably, you would question whether wearing shapewear every day is a smart idea. After all, corsets were recognized in the late 1800s to reduce lung capacity, resulting in fainting spells. Modern innovation and the development of tailored materials such as lycra or spandex, on the other hand, have revolutionized the market. Many ladies now opt to wear plus-size shapewear daily. Is it, however, acceptable to do so? We need to go a bit further into this issue to adequately solve it. Below mentioned are the pros and the cons of wearing a body shaper suit.

It’s all about Shapewear

If you browse online or in-store, you’ll know there’s a mind-boggling array of shapewear on the market. However, these are the main types:

  • Corsets
  • Girdles
  • Control briefs
  • Shaping bras
  • Bodysuits
  • Shaping Slips
  • Smoothing tops

Not only are there many types of body shaper bodysuit, but there are also different levels of control:

  • Light control – this is perfect for smoothing out slight imperfections. Given that these pieces are lightweight and comfortable, this shapewear is great if you need a confidence boost to take you from daywear into the evening.
  • Medium control – this shapewear provides a higher level of control, pulling you in in all the right places. This will give more dramatic contouring, while still moving with your body to give you a perfect silhouette.
  • Firm/extra firm control – This highest level of control is for when you want to make an impact! Providing extreme contouring, this shapewear is fantastic under that cocktail or wedding dress, but may only be comfortable for a few hours so should be reserved for special occasions.

Finally, we need to mention waist cinchers. Wearing the best shapewear for women can help women from feeling uncomfortable.  Popularised by many A-listers on social media, these pieces are used for waist training, and can help to provide long-term waste shrinkage. Just make sure you follow guidelines and don’t wear them for too long periods.

Pros of shapewear:

  • Provides excellent body contouring.
  • Helps give control just where you need it.
  • Boosts your confidence!
  • Waist training provides long-term benefits.
  • Ensures your clothing always fits, so there’s no need to buy a whole new wardrobe if you gain a little weight.
  • Comes in a wide range of styles to go with any outfit.

Cons of shapewear:

  • Can be uncomfortable if worn for too long periods.
  • Causes excess sweating, if the wrong fabric mix.
  • Creates bulges if sized too small.


So as you can see, if sized and selected properly, the pros of wearing shapewear daily definitely outweigh the cons. By choosing the right foundation garments for you, ones that provide the right level of control, exactly where you need it, you’ll be set to look your best, whatever the occasion.