How does Fear Of God originate?

Former Major League Baseball manager Jerry Manuel’s son Jerry Lorenzo Manuel created Fear of God. A young Lorenzo was exposed to the various cultures that now inspire his fashion brand because of his father’s job, which sent him from school to school across America. A Hollywood actress sparked his interest in sports after he graduated with an MBA, and he planned to become a sports agent afterward. After that, he noticed a gap in the nightlife industry: only hip-hop parties, techno parties, or parties attended by A-list celebrities. In order to bridge the gap between all three, he decided to become a party promoter. The result was essentials clothing, a brand that would ultimately bridge the gap between luxury fashion and streetwear.

Why Is It Called Fear of God?

Lorenzo’s Faith remains one of his greatest influences to this day, and that’s why the brand is called Fear of God. In addition to baseball and Metallica, Lorenzo’s brand is a physical representation of his interests. God also ranks high on his list of priorities. Although it might seem ironic, Lorenzo realizes that the name ‘Fear of God’ symbolizes both the strength of his faith today, and also the struggle he faced growing up. Even though Lorenzo’s name has a deeper meaning, he is never one to take credit or credit for anything he accomplishes for himself, instead pointing the finger at God.

History of Fear of God

Lorenzo has been behind Fear of God since 2013, but his Yeezus tour merchandise and Justin Bieber’s Vetements- and Raf Simons-inspired Purpose tour merchandise were known as the brands that started the tour merchandise craze.Virgil Abloh first picked up a piece from Lorenzo Abloh’s garage when he was building the brand. In a matter of weeks, Lorenzo’s brand was on the rails of one of America’s top department stores, Barneys, and Lorenzo was providing clothes to Yeezy. In his ongoing effort to create a brand of luxury streetwear as big as Ralph Lauren, Lorenzo hopes to reach a broad audience of different American subcultures with Fear of God. In addition to memories of the ’90s – think Kurt Cobain and characters from “The Breakfast Club” – Fear of God’s designs also feel totally modern, showing how they draw inspiration from young street-style trendsetters as well. The Fear of God brand was born just a few years ago out of streetwear staples such as T-shirts, but it is shaping up into something much more, bringing forth a new take on American luxury. In today’s Fear of God, clothes have an American touch – the colors, silhouettes, even the emotions all have a feel that is uniquely American.

Fear Of God Collaborations

Using Ermenegildo Zegna’s master craftsmanship and tailoring as the foundation for Fear of God, Lorenzo and Alessandro Sartori have created the modern vision of luxury. In its simplest form, the capsule includes polished sportswear staple items tailored for the modern man – it’s basically streetwear, but more sophisticated, more tailored, and more dressed up. Fear of God strikes the perfect balance between formal and athletic-wear, so it can be worn at the party and on the plane home afterwards.

Fear of Good Collections

Fear of God has just released its seventh collection, and one of its signature items is oversized bomber jackets with ruched sleeves. Other items include flannel shirts with zip details, and distressed denim. A few casual loafers are also included in this collection. Wool and cashmere knitwear, nonchalant suiting, and even tailored knitwear are also included. In addition to using high-end Japanese materials and vintage fabrics, such as repurposed military sleeping bags, and sourcing Italian and British fabrics, the brand also offers custom tailoring. Lorenzo does not follow the fashion calendar and releases his main collections whenever he is ready. The eighth collection might take a while to make since the seventh collection took two years to create.

Fear of Good Hoodies 

Each season, the hoodie cut changes in the main collection, from short-sleeved options to extended hems à la Rick Owens. The hoodie sizes in the fear of god essentials vary seasonally and in some cases year to year. If you prefer a more tailored fit, rather than something oversized, consider going down a size. All Fear of God tops follow the same size guide, so once you find your best fit, it will be consistent across all tops.


Fear of God’s diffusion line called F.O.G. was rebranded to Essentials in 2018, but the concept remains the same – providing stripped-back quality and fit for wardrobe essentials like sweatpants, hoodies, and t-shirts. Each of these pieces is wearable, comfortable, and timeless, and adds versatility to any wardrobe. Lorenzo’s casual collection, which included weathered black colorways and a tennis-inspired sneaker, was developed as a way to share his vision for new American luxury.