Top Tow Bikini Fashion Style

Reducing Swimsuits

The truth is that reducing bikinis and swimsuits are a trend. Now we no longer have to insist on doing the famous bikini operation to look better on the beach, but we can opt for these reducing garments that take away a few extra kilos. When you put it on you will look more amazing.

If you want to be fashionable and discover the trends in bikinis and swimsuits for this summer, Kameymall high waisted cheeky bikini is the ones that cannot be missing from your wardrobe or dressing table. They are ideal and you will look ideal with any of the models you choose.

Bikinis with Print

One of the jewels of each summer, are the bikinis that have a print that reminds us precisely of this wonderful season of the year. This floral bikini is one of the most popular designs and will undoubtedly captivate all eyes.

It is ideal if you want to avoid bikinis in a single color and give some color and life to your summer look on the beach. Without a doubt, it is a model that is not only very flattering due to its cheerful colors and its pretty print, but it is also worn every year.

These trends in bikinis and swimsuits will be key in the summer of 2022 and will allow you to be fashionable on the beach or in the pool. Of course, it is important that you give them a chance and try it out, because some models that you think are not for you could surprise you and become your new favorites.

If I Hesitate Between Two Sizes, Which One To Choose?

In the case of being between two sizes, it is always better to take a larger size, since this way you will feel more comfortable when you are on the beach or in the pool. Keep in mind that in the heat the body can be a little more swollen, so you will feel better with looser clothes than tight ones.

What Colors Are Most Flattering?

Depending on your tan, it is important that you go towards some tones or others. Among the most flattering, we highlight the bikinis with floral prints, pictures and shades such as fuchsia, red, blue, green, etc. Our high waisted cheeky bikini is the summer favorites. Some like yellow or nudes may not be as flattering on very light skin.

Better Bikini Or Swimsuit?

The main advantage of the bikini on the beach is that it allows you to sunbathe in more areas, so that you look with the same tan as if you were in panties and a bra at home. It is one of the most popular options precisely for this reason, given that the swimsuit covers the belly and you do not always like to have a white belly and the rest more brown.

Narrow or Wide Panties?

If you have a lot of hips, stretch marks or cellulite, wider panties can help you hide a little more. The same as if you are on your period, since you can feel safer in the water. In any case, the narrow panty is always one of the favorites, because it allows you to sunbathe in more areas.