Things You Might Not Know About Dental Emergency in New York

Dental problems do not always happen on your schedule. You need a dentist you can rely on, whether your problem occurs during business hours, at night, or on the weekend. Doctors Network ( makes finding an emergency dentist in Brooklyn NY quick and easy. We are here to help you with whatever oral health issues you are experiencing, no matter when it occurs.

Different Types of Dental Emergency

If you have any of these oral health issues, you can either contact one of our emergency dentists or find a New York dentist on if you need to be seen immediately:

  • Severe tooth pain Dislodged tooth Knocked-out or avulsed tooth
  • Broken tooth Sudden mouth or tooth discomfort Trauma to the mouth or jaw
  • Severely cut gums, lips, or tongue Chipped or cracked tooth Cracked veneer Lost filling

How Do You Know You Have an Emergency?

You do not have to have a problem that literally fits in these categories to have an emergency visit. Though the literal definition of a serious dental emergency is a situation that threatens the living tissues in your mouth, your New York emergency dentist takes every concern seriously. Every condition is unique. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Blood does not always mean disaster. The mouth contains hundreds of blood vessels in your gums, tongue, cheek, and lips. Even a small cut in the mouth can cause an alarming amount of blood, but that does not necessarily mean the worst-case scenario.
  • Don’t suffer the pain. If toothache is serious, it will not disappear on its own. The toothache will get worse and the situation will not resolve itself. Don’t attempt to muscle through the discomfort or wait for your next dental visit to be evaluated. The longer you wait to have your oral health problem addressed, the more likely you are to need more costly, lengthier, more serious treatments.
  • Purely cosmetic issues can often wait. An issue with your cosmetic dentist, like a chipped veneer, is distressing but it is not always a problem that warrants a same-day dental visit. You might be a little self-conscious until you get a chance to see the dentist, but knowing that the problem can wait will help ease your concerns.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask Doctors Network. If you have a problem with your oral or dental health, reach out to your dentist. You will get peace of mind about your condition and lower your anxiety level. The degree of urgency may not be as bad as you think and, if it is, you will book an emergency visit to be seen immediately.

Contact Doctors Network for Emergency Dental Treatments

Most common emergency dental services include wisdom teeth removal, teeth extractions, root canal therapy, and composite tooth fillings. The best solution of course depends on the diagnosis, and even if you are having pain, in some cases it is not possible to tell what the underlying cause of the pain is until you are in the dental chair. A throbbing tooth could be caused by dental caries, infection, a tooth root infection, or even gingivitis. If you wish to save your teeth and restore your oral and dental health, it is important to have every oral health problem addressed immediately.

Whether you need to contact dentists who treat toothaches or a general dentist in New York immediately to discuss your dental emergency or reserve an appointment, you can visit today to learn what you might not know about dental emergency.