Life StyleWhat are the classic parent-child water splash park equipments...

What are the classic parent-child water splash park equipments that you are familiar with?


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The configuration of water park equipment has also undergone major changes in recent years. There are fewer and fewer body contact slides, and more tend to be large-scale compound sports water slide combinations. At the same time, the water park equipment configuration should pay more attention to the family consumer group and configure more family amusement facilities suitable for all ages to avoid equipment accumulation and leave sufficient space for secondary development.

The project setting must be unique and novel, research and analyze the needs and feelings of consumer groups, set up unique and novel water amusement equipment and multi-functional entertainment projects, have their own highlights and uniqueness in the same industry, enhance business competitiveness, and also allow tourists to fully Orientation feels water entertainment.

There are many types of water amusement equipment that can be configured, usually consisting of water slides, splash spray equipment, paddling pools, etc. Investors can flexibly combine and match according to their needs.

  • Flowing canal

The flowing canals used in water parks are relatively shallow, making it convenient for children aged 3-8 to play. There are many climbing and water-playing toys and equipment in the paddling pool, such as buckets, slides, etc. Wear a swimsuit and play in the water park. Walking in the paddling pool, even in the summer with a high temperature of 40 degrees, the whole person becomes extremely cool.

  • Splash spray equipment

It is a general term for various types of small water spray equipment. Not only does it have diverse gameplay and rich and beautiful content, but its innovative appearance design is suitable for all ages and is very popular among children and parents. Just a splash spray equipment can let you play for an afternoon and release the worries of daily work and life.

  • Wave pool

Large water parks are generally equipped with wave-making equipment to create a popular atmosphere. The operation of the wave-making machine causes waves, making visitors feel like they are in the sea. In recent years, there has been an increase in interest and participation in surfing around the world. However, due to the restrictions of the epidemic, long-distance travel is difficult to achieve, and urban and suburban projects have become the best choice for tourists. Therefore, for ordinary people who want to try it, the surfing park is undoubtedly the first choice. It is really pleasant to enjoy artificial waves without going to the beach.

  • Large slide equipment

When we go to water parks, we often see large slides, including vertical and rotating slides, as well as direct slides with rafts. One or several people sit on the inflatable mattress and are pushed down directly by the staff. The rotating slide can rotate several times and finally fall directly into the water. The vertical slide falls directly into the water. Unlike ordinary slides, it has a paddling pool. Swooping down directly refreshes your understanding of the slide, making you want to play again after playing it once.

Why choose Histar Water Park?

In order to comply with the trend of the children’s economic era, we have always focused on “edutainment and entertainment”. Over the years, Histar has been comprehensively studying the comprehensive psychological needs of children for growth, learning, and play. Different from ordinary children’s water park equipment, Histar continues to independently develop and design fashionable, novel, fun and unique equipment styles to meet the high standards and requirements of modern post-90s parents and children for material and spiritual enjoyment. While satisfying the visual experience and fun, we pay more attention to every detail of the product, strive for excellence, and continue to improve product quality.

Histar product advantages

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