Girl B: The Corporate Chic Shoes for Women

Is it that 9 to 5 monotony of going to your office daily or to those Master’s classes afterwards in the evening or walking into a formal dinner after hours and hours of never-ending work? 

Walk into everything like a #GirlBoss

If you are one of those women who have to be on their toes, or let’s say on their feet, the entire day but want to look on-fleek and walk like you mean to, then you have landed on the right place to get the right shoes. 

Borjan’s Girl B brings an exclusive range of shoes & bags for corporate women Shoes that will help you to cut a striking figure while remaining all formal and classy. 

The Girl B shoes include a range of court shoes, peep-toes, sling-backs, formal sandals, pumps and mules. Coming in a range of colors, minimal patterns and different designs, they help upgrade women’s wardrobe and their styling game as well. The heel lengths are also varied to facilitate ladies in their level of comfort, these include block heels, some of which are chunky, others sleek, then there are pencil heels to make you look nothing but splendid. 

These shoes are not only limited to be worn by women Shoes working in corporate but also can be worn just before you enter the corporate world, (yes, we are talking about interviews). It really is important to dress-up nicely for your interviews, and especially the shoes which need to be tidy, plain, meaning that they should be essentially devoid of any fancy element such as that of glittery sequins or rhinestones, and most importantly, should be able to convey an optimistic aura from your side. 

Moreover, young ladies going to college and universities can also score great grades simply by being in Girl B shoes. Nail the project presentations like a graceful scholar, address that seminar with all your confidence, report live during that university trip authoritatively, and what’s just better than graduating in Girl B? Make your convocations memorable by walking past in sleek shoes and flaring gowns to get that degree and throw that hat high up in the air as you rise up. You worked hard all those years and you deserve to graduate like a Girl Boss, undoubtedly. 

These formal shoes for women are curated without compromising on their day-long comfort and makes sure that the ladies walk with a confident clack as they enter that class, that meeting or the boardroom.

So, Girl B tells you to check those emails like you mean to, write those assignments as your best ones, speak to your class fellows effortlessly while all the eyes are on you and to make it to the final round of interview and consequently win that job offer- all while slaying in Girl B shoes.